Media work

Following my career, I have taken a variety of roles within the media industry, primarily in television.

  • I have written columns for the newspaper Karjalainen.
  • I have interviewed the president at Joensuu market square
  • I have made reports on live broadcast alone, as well as scripted and hosted various informative TV inserts about biathlon.

Contact me if you have in mind any job in the media industry where my experience and skills would be useful. I am open to opportunities in hosting, conducting interviews, and making other public appearances.

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Productions I have been involved in

YLE Urheilustudio

I have worked in YLE’s Urheilustudio team right from the end of my career as a biathlon expert. Since the 22-23 season, I have also worked as a commentator on the World Cup broadcasts. In the sports studio, I have been able to do both live broadcasts of competition events on site and from the studio. Additionally, I have created a range of other TV segments and stories, including the ‘Jatkoerä’ series with Petra Olli, where we undertook sports challenges and met with renowned retired Finnish athletes. Ylen pesti has offered me a very versatile job in the media industry.

Amazing Race Finland

In 2023, I participated in Finland’s first Amazing Race season together with my friend and long-time teammate Mari Eder. To our surprise, we managed the tasks well and didn’t get lost too many times. We made it all the way to the finals and at the end we solved the last memory task the fastest and won the whole competition. A great experience and I also learned a lot about TV work and how programs are made.

Arktinen Retkikunta

In the spring of 2022, I was able to participate in a documentary program, which took me and the entire expedition to camp on the Greenland glacier for a week. I got to see the effects of climate change first hand and experience an unforgettable adventure with a great group. The program’s journey left a lasting impression. I hope the series inspires viewers to reflect on how their everyday decisions can positively impact our planet.

Mestareiden Mestari

In the autumn of 2020, soon after concluding my sports career, I joined a program where top Finnish athletes, who had also retired, competed first in teams and then individually. I competed in the skiing team together with Aino-Kaisa Saarinen and Matti Heikkinen. This two-week experience alongside other retired athletes was truly enriching and meaningful, as it helped me explore the possibilities of life after a career. The competition was won by ex-ice hockey player Emma Terho.