Advertising collaborations

I have 193 thousand followers on Instagram, about half of whom are Finnish and the rest mainly from Europe. I’m happy to do commercial collaborations, both on Facebook and elsewhere, if they match my values ​​and we find a common understanding of how we could get our message heard and seen together. About my life: sports, my work, my free time hobbies. I like to talk about domestic and local products and services. I consider my partner carefully.

If you are interested in collaborating with me and communicating to my target audience, feel free to contact me or request an offer.

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References of successful social media collaborations


Together with Novita’s knitwear designer, I designed a “Free” sweater, the pattern of which was published as part of Novita’s After Ski collection in winter 2024, which I was photographed wearing in Nuuksio. This was a really pleasant and versatile collaboration, because I enjoy knitting and handicrafts.


I have actively participated in the diverse marketing efforts for Koli Matkailu. As an athlete, I trained a lot in Koli, and it is the most important and dearest of the national parks to me, so it has been nice to be able to tell more about it to my followers. One of the marketing targets has also been sports clubs, which we hope to get more people to camp there.


In my sports career, it was important for me to only use supplements that I knew were pure and that I could really trust. That’s why I preferably chose domestic products from large companies, such as Sanasol. Now, after my career, I have been able to continue cooperation with Orkla, whose group Sanasol belongs to. I have used their products extensively and can wholeheartedly recommend them.